Freedom To Be You - What Does That Look Like?

Freedom - what is it?  While I feel some of our freedoms are being robbed at this strange time we live in there are basic rights we are all entitled to.  The Freedom to be who we want to be as unique individuals is one of those very basic tenets.  According to Pharrell Williams, it is whatever it means to be YOU. Exactly you, however, you are.  Whoever and however that may be.  We are entitled to choose to be who we want to be in this life?  How do we show up?  Who are we really?  How many of us actually take stock of our own selves.  Our greater selves and higher selves.  There is a lot to take into account.  Each one of us here for reasons beyond us in many circumstances depending on our soul's evolution.  How far along are we on our soul's path?  How many lifetimes in are?  What do we believe?  What is the purpose of life?  Why are we here?  Do we have a purpose here?  We should evaluate these questions and ponder them.  Existentialism is the very precipice of life. What is it all about and what do we make of it?  For the philosophers among there is so much more than just what we make of our lives on the surface.  It's not just about the material world.  Some of us live in other realms far and wide.  There are dimensions we don't see and hear but are there for us to tap into should we choose to explore the greater meaning of it all.  In the end who we become, how we react, how we show up is really up to us.

Photo is Freedom by Saesura.


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