Why play small ball in love and life? Why not take it to the next level. Learn how to manage difficult conversations. Learn how to go deeper and  and build stronger connections without the surface level stuff. Meaningful dialogues and deep and feeling exchanges are what we are all craving. 



Start seeing and understanding communication and those in your world in a more dynamic and compelling way. 


Begin to understand and deconstruct old wounds and hurts, resentments and power struggles and start letting it go. 


Now that you see it a new way and have let a lot of past hurt go you can have incredibly warm and heartfelt dialogue and connections with those in your world. 

This course is going to take you to the next level.  

You will see it all in a whole new way. You will recieve the clarity you've been seeking. You'll be able to amp up our relationships, conversations and life. You'll start feeling heard and want to listen. You will begin have the most incredible conversations that will bring whole new meaning to your life. 

This Course Is Revolutionary

Get started today with Next Level Mindful Communication. This not just a course, but instruction in seeing life, your interactions and those in it in a whole new way.  


This course has the power to transform your life. It's not just instruction in communication, but guided step by step instruction to show up with greater presence, have more awareness around the dialogue, Learn to have empathy and allow powerful interactions to unfold organically. You will not have the same life or same relationships after this course. You'll be showing up in a whole new way.

After years of soul journeying I've applied the practical skills from my communications background and expertise to my many years of mindfulness training and practice. What you get a blend of knowledge and insights you will not find anywhere else. I have a degree in Mass Communications. I'm a former network tv journalist. I'm an energy worker and Mindfulness Trainer and when you put all of that together you get something so unique and so applicable you will be so glad you trusted your own intuition and signed up. 



If you're truly ready to take it to the next level then this course is absolutely for you. It's not just a communication course, but mindfulness training that will have you showing up in ways you'd never imagined. 

Yes! This Is For Me!

The #1 Way To Communicate 

Communication is not about talking. It's about connecting. However we get so lost in wanting to speak that nothing really powerful ever gets shared and nothing gets resolved. This course changes that. 

Heal Old Wounds & Reconcile Now 

How long will you walk around harboring resentment? Wishing it were different? Holding feelings inside just yearning to share from your heart, but after years of conflict and never feeling heard you just have no idea how to even begin the dialogue and you don't believe it's possible to have this sort of dialogue. Well it is and you've found the way. 

Deepen Bonds With Those Around You 

Life is so much more than the surface level talk. There is so much on our hearts good and bad that needs to be conveyed. We want to others to be receptive to our feelings. We want to share our hearts from the very depths of our being. We want to build deep bonds and have powerful connections and we can. Next Level will take you there and you will be blown away at how all of your interactions are more loving and more dynamic, more heartfelt. 

Jon L

Sue's guidance is simple. Actionable. She tells you what to do step by step. I never imagined it could be this easy. I'm not afraid to talk about hard things anymore. I actually welcome it.

May L 

This is not just a communication course, but a life skills course. I'm showing up for people in ways I never thought to. 

Sarah R

We make it so hard, but with Sue's tips it all makes sense. I just had to shift my perspective and see it this other way. The hard stuff seems so much easier now.

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  • The Next Level Workbook
  • The Forgiveness Script
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  • Get Instant Access To The Course
  • The Next Level Workbook 
  • The Forgiveness Script
  • Bonus: Video Instruction

Resolve Conflict

You can resolve conflict in powerful ways without compromise and maintain powerful connection. 

Feel Heard

There is a formula to listening and being heard. There's no need to carry all the feelings inside anymore.  

Deeper Dialogue

We never know how powerful heartfelt exchanges can be until we start going deep. Let's go there. 

See It In A New Way

When you begin to see communication in this whole new way you'll be forced to take a new approach and that approach is my signature method, tried and tested. 

Yes! I Want It!

Awaken To More 

Why have the same surface level conversations. Why continue walking around with hurt feels? Why go on feeling unheard and misunderstood when there is a better way? This is it. 

I'm Ready!

Total Transformation 

This is more than just a communications course. It's a life skills course. It's a course that teaches you mindfulness, awareness, the power of presence, empathy and forgiveness.  It's absolutely transformative.

I Want This!

Take The Next Step 

This course has the potential to change your life. You will not see the same way. You'll be showing up in powerful ways with all of those around you and going deeper then you had ever imagined possible for yourself. 

Yes! Yes! Yes!